Time to move (on)

After 1+ year of trying to make it work in our home in the Bahnhofsviertel, it’s time to move. We are impossibly tired of the noise… from the 24/7 bar below our living room, the trendy hipster bar across the street, the not-too-infrequent demonstrations rallying under our windows, and the endless construction of the hallway.

When we decided to move here, we felt a bit like pioneers, but finally it has become apparent we were just too used to the home comforts to go on such an adventure as living in the up and coming Bahnhofsviertel (see post). We are tired of the junkies wandering into the converted area which we now call home. Perhaps we are just not cool enough to deal with this fun. Waking up at 4 or 5 or 6am to the bar patrons deciding to rally on a Saturday morning has just our patience down to a shred that has finally given out.

We were promised a brand new hallway inclusive of elevator. We were promised cellar space, the norm in Germany when you rent an apartment. All we see is a big hole in the ground and construction for the unforeseeable future:


And this is the current progress of the construction. At this rate I assume it will take another year.





I am pretty tired of it. But what has been difficult for us to come to this conclusion is that we really like our apartment.






So the question is, where to next?

We have seen a few apartments around Frankfurt, but it’s a difficult process. We would prefer to avoid paying a broker’s fee (provision), and it’s been difficult to find nice apartments apart from new construction. Furthermore, it is incredibly uncommon to find apartments for rent that contain kitchens. The norm is to put in your own kitchen, or if there is one, the current renter would be intending to sell it to you if they don’t want to take it with them when they leave.

We now have two apartments in the running. Both have their drawbacks and are completely different. We will see another this evening as well. What do you think?

Both newly renovated, but this one is gut-renovated with a “new building-feel” with low ceilings, two bathrooms and a proper balcony.



Or this one: it has the old-building feel with sky-high ceilings, more space, but only an emergency exit for a balcony and one bathroom.






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