Frankfurt Sunday brunch: 25hours Hotel

Sunday morning M and I woke up finally ready to venture out to find a nice Frankfurt Sunday brunch. We tried many times after first arriving here, but after consistently ordering a plate of cheeses and meats, a basket of brötchens, and fried or boiled eggs, I called it quits. I have no desire to go out to spend money on something that can be easily duplicated at home. Note the word:  easily. This is typical German breakfast and we eat it every day.

One thing we miss dearly about NYC is the multitude of brunch options. Brunch in New York is an activity that can easily end up consuming an entire day. New York brunch is its own culture.

But once before we had dinner at Chez Ima at the 25hours Hotel in the Bahnhofsviertel and it was so surprisingly tasty but also just surprising. The food is inventive and the interior is quirky. It is hipster galore, you know, if that’s your thing. Therefore, I figured we should give it a try on Sunday for brunch.

We called prior because that’s expected in Germany, and they told us they started brunch at 11am. We asked for a table at 11am as I generally wake up famished. This was a mistake. Since it is a hotel, they finish breakfast for the guests at 11am, then they begin to set up for the brunch crowd afterward, so we were led out into the courtyard to our table. They offered us drinks directly, which are included in the flat rate for brunch, but then we waited for another half hour.



Around 12pm, everyone was notified the buffet was ready. And this is the good part. There was so much variety, and though I am typically not an avid buffet lover, I was impressed by the flavor and originality of the options.




Once they finally established the buffet, service was better albeit with typical hipster nonchalance. At 24Euros per person including a hot beverage, it is certainly not a budget option, but I left with a feeling that I had found a viable option for brunch in Frankfurt.


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