Scandinavian long weekend

After a long weekend of travel, we are back (mostly) for the next few weeks. Up next is our honeymoon! But this weekend was all about celebrating the love of Johanna and Johan and bringing M to one of my favorite places that I have so far experienced.


Their wedding at Trollenäs Castle was beautiful, and I would love to send another shout-out – if you are reading this, congratulations again! Enjoy your honeymoon!

I don’t know what it is, but the calm I feel in Southern Sweden ripples through me as soon as I arrive. Perhaps it’s the swaying raps fields brightening up the landscape with a golden yellow.


Or perhaps it’s the endearing old buildings…

Grand Hotel Lund
Grand Hotel Lund

Or perhaps, it’s the perfect configuration of form and function in interior design nearly everywhere you turn.


Sunday after the wedding, we had a rough time to get going, but sure enough, we managed. We stopped by Malmö to see a dear friend for lunch and finally, continued on to Copenhagen.

The weather cooperated for 2 of 3 days, and so we spent a soggy last day, a holiday Monday, in Copenhagen, jumping from cafe to cafe. I was intent on purchasing a Danish ceramic piece, but unfortunately it was not in the plans, as the majority of stores were closed.

Though it would have been preferable to jump from shop to shop on Monday in Copenhagen, we did get to see some of the beauty and interest the city has.

Sunday night, after a self-led walking tour beginning at our hotel, Absalon Hotel in the up and coming Vesterbro area just west of the train station, and ending at Nyhavn, we had dinner at Geist. The decor along with the food was a real treat. At the end of the meal, they presented a big glob (?) of cotton candy!

Lobster tartare at Geist
Lobster tartare at Geist

Arriving at Nyhavn at sunset was absolutely phenomenal but chilly, so heading to dinner nearby was necessary!



After spending Monday in a closed Copenhagen, I am pretty excited to go back again. Hope it’s soon!



Søpavillonen at Peblinge Sø

But fortunately, the indoor market, Torvehallerne, kept us busy for at least a little while!

Torvehallerne – Copenhagen
Smørrebrød (typical Danish meal - bread with a variety of toppings) at Torvehallerne
Smørrebrød (typical Danish meal – bread with a variety of toppings) at Torvehallerne



After another fun weekend of exploring, we came home to our little lover boys one of whom went straight to our laps.

Oskar the worm


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