Getting to know Korea


Hello from Korea! I have been in Seoul the past two nights after I returned from Daejeon on Wednesday night. I accompanied M to Daejeon on Tuesday for one night and he remained there for his meetings at the development center. The driver will bring him back to Seoul today, and we will have our …

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Hugo and Oskar


Happy Tuesday! We finally have some beautiful weather today in Frankfurt. Blue skies, warm sunshine… I could get used to it! Today I want to share a bit about the two little guys in my life, Hugo and Oskar. Hugo has been around for awhile now – we came together when he was four months, and …

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Beautiful Barcelona


I hope it was a great weekend for all! I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed our weekend away in Barcelona. It’s one of those cities that energy bursts from, and you just can’t get enough of it. We arrived late Friday evening to a treat of an airport, and high-tailed it to the city …

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