Catching up

Hello and Happy Spring!

I have been a terrible blogger and certainly wish I could turn back time and have a website full of blog posts between now and then, but that’s life. (This has become a common phrase for me: just take it as it is and move on…)

So much has happened and more is in the works, so I must admit the ins and outs of life are getting easier month by month.

Traveling has been the constant in our lives, and it’s so true what they say – the more you do it, the worse your itch becomes.  I love it. I love discovering new streets and views and watching the locals live their lives. I love sitting in a cafe or bar and glancing at M and saying, “We are in XYZ right now, isn’t it great?”

Since November, we visited NYC several times, went home to Minnesota over Thanksgiving including a stop in Chicago, several trips to Italy, an Austria and Switzerland road trip with my parents during the holidays, Greece, Netherlands/Belgium and Shanghai.

The biggest news is that M and I are legally bound to one another by Italian law. Yes, we navigated the treacherous terrain of Italian legalities, and made it safely to the other side! And we had a blast making many many memories with all the wonderful people who could join us. Indeed, I heard incessantly how one’s wedding feels like a dream and don’t forget to wake up and take it all in! I couldn’t imagine what that could mean, but they were right. And it was magic. It didn’t hurt that we had perfect weather and the scenery at Lake Garda was absolutely idyllic.

In January I began an online graduate program in Real Estate at NYU. It feels right to be moving in the right direction of my career goals, and it feels even nicer to finish the semester having done very well! Hopefully a job will come soon enough as well after I obtain a German residency/work permit!

I have no excuse this summer not to write, and I am putting myself on the hook. Until next time…

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