Boating to Formentera

M and I joined 8 other friends to spend a day on the water at Formentera. I can say with absolution it was the highlight of our long weekend in Ibiza. Formentera is the hippy little sister of Ibiza, where celebrities and socialites have flocked over the years when the going gets too tough in Ibiza and are ready for serious relaxation. But Formentera is coming into its own as is the case when any gem starts to get more polished. And who’s to say if this is good or bad.

The only way to get to Formentera is by boat – ferries run regularly from Ibiza and take just 30 minutes. When looking to spend some quality time in Formentera, plenty of beach houses are available for rent, and some even provide a personal car to use during the stay.

But our focus for the day was on the boating adventure, so we met our skipper in Ibiza harbor in the late morning.

Our boat: Hamburg
Our boat: Hamburg

After leaving the harbor and popping open bottles of rose, we set on course to Formentera. The great thing about seeing Formentera from the water was having plenty of time in the turquoise, shiny coves contrasting sharply with the rocky and sandy coastline. We boated from cove to cove and enjoyed the crystal clear warm waters watching fish circle the boats hoping for a treat.

We began with the popular anchoring spot on the west side of the private island of Espalmador just north of Formentera where many boats congregate. The downside to this spot is the ferry line crosses very near and the waves can be quite drastic while still on the boat. Furthermore, this island has a small strait (Es Pas) between it and Formentera and a strong current, Es Freus, runs through this strait adding to the wind. But, at certain times when the wind dies down, people can technically walk this strait between the two islands, though it is highly suggested not to do it! Multiple fatalities have occurred.

IMG-20150716-WA0031 IMG-20150719-WA0020

After an hour or two of the ocean swinging us to and fro, we opted to go to a new spot. And this is when the skipper brought us to the beautiful cove on the west side of Formentera within Can Morroig. The water was peaceful and the scenery was awe-inspiring.


Mid-afternoon we got ready to lunch at the famed Juan Y Andrea at Platja de ses Illetes. Once docked in the harbor, the restaurant sent a dinghy to bring us ashore. Juan Y Andrea is proclaimed as a place to see and be seen. But after a few bottles of wine and some swimming, we were just purely hungry! They led us to our table under the white billowy parasols, and as we debated the menu, they brought out the current fish and seafood available to show us.

20150710_160342 IMG-20150713-WA0027 IMG-20150719-WA0023 IMG-20150716-WA0023

Though can we by no means say we’ve “been to Formentera”, I can say it was a great way to have a beautiful day out on the water when with lots of friends.

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