Beating the heat in Frankfurt

Warning: Cat Post!

For those of you in Central Europe, you feel my pain. It is hot in Frankfurt. Very hot. Who knew that the temperature can climb to 40C (106F)?! And maybe after this summer, builders will think twice when they nix air conditioning in new construction? Yes, Germany does not have air conditioning in homes. It just isn’t necessary most of the time. But now after we have record-breaking heat, it might be time to rethink that idea.

We are all looking for ways to beat the heat, but unfortunately for the cats, they don’t quite know what is happening, let alone how to deal with it. Today, after we woke up to our 3rd consecutive day of >30C (90F) after 10am, we figured it was time to take action. Poor Hugo only got up during the day in order to make it to his food bowl, but then usually gave up walking halfway out of the kitchen again.

A very furry cat

I asked M, inspired by a dog I saw yesterday, “Why don’t we shave Hugo?” And that’s exactly what we did. I can tell you he didn’t enjoy the process too much, but he seems to be dealing well with his new haircut. And perhaps we found a way to deal with the shedding problem indefinitely!


We did learn a few lessons though – cats need their whiskers, so it’s probably best to hold those back when shaving – oops!

Missing half of his whiskers on one side!
Now enjoying our overworked mini A/C with much more of a breeze!
We have to work on our technique a bit.

The little guy was spared this time, but overall I think we are (all) satisfied with the shorter hairstyle! Hugo won’t be winning any beauty contests anyway.

Oskar uses the wood to cool down his bottom.

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