By Allison


Retrospective: weekend in Greece

M and I spent a long weekend in January in Greece. Considering the breadth of sites in Greece, we only scratched the surface. But our trip occurred on the weekend of the Greece’s election for Prime Minister, so therefore the pulse and energy existing throughout was palpable. M joked about keeping his German identity a closely …

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I have now spent over a year without working and without having a clear idea of my direction. In January I began studying again, and I felt sure it would help cure me of my feelings of confusion. Now that the semester is over, and I recently obtained my German working permit, I have spent …

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Scandinavian long weekend

After a long weekend of travel, we are back (mostly) for the next few weeks. Up next is our honeymoon! But this weekend was all about celebrating the love of Johanna and Johan and bringing M to one of my favorite places that I have so far experienced. Their wedding at Trollenäs Castle was beautiful, and …

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The exterior of our building built in 1898.

Time to move (on)

After 1+ year of trying to make it work in our home in the Bahnhofsviertel, it’s time to move. We are impossibly tired of the noise… from the 24/7 bar below our living room, the trendy hipster bar across the street, the not-too-infrequent demonstrations rallying under our windows, and the endless construction of the hallway. …

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Catching up

Hello and Happy Spring! I have been a terrible blogger and certainly wish I could turn back time and have a website full of blog posts between now and then, but that’s life. (This has become a common phrase for me: just take it as it is and move on…) So much has happened and …

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London: A weekend trip

Hello again. As the weeks stretched on, I did begin to wonder if my blogging exercises would be as fleeting as the sun’s appearance here in Frankfurt. But actually, I do enjoy it. Like everything in life, things worth doing take dedication and commitment. So I’m back. Last weekend, I visited London for a repeat …

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Slowing down

Hello! Today it’s the last day of September. Then only 3 more months until 2015. Time certainly is a tricky thing; once you let it, it will slip right through your fingers like sand. So perhaps it’s a good idea to occasionally narrow the opening of the hour glass through which the sand dictates our time. This …

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Germany: What’s the difference? – Part 2

So it’s back to the mini-series with Part 2 of “Germany: What’s the difference?”! Most people would say a week is broken into milestones and to demonstrate, here are a few typical expressions or comments: Hump Day (Wednesday), TGIF (Friday)  and then there are the Monday blues. But in Germany, there is an additional component of the weekly …

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