From September 2014


Slowing down

Hello! Today it’s the last day of September. Then only 3 more months until 2015. Time certainly is a tricky thing; once you let it, it will slip right through your fingers like sand. So perhaps it’s a good idea to occasionally narrow the opening of the hour glass through which the sand dictates our time. This …

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Germany: What’s the difference? – Part 2

So it’s back to the mini-series with Part 2 of “Germany: What’s the difference?”! Most people would say a week is broken into milestones and to demonstrate, here are a few typical expressions or comments: Hump Day (Wednesday), TGIF (Friday)  and then there are the Monday blues. But in Germany, there is an additional component of the weekly …

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Hugo and Oskar

Happy Tuesday! We finally have some beautiful weather today in Frankfurt. Blue skies, warm sunshine… I could get used to it! Today I want to share a bit about the two little guys in my life, Hugo and Oskar. Hugo has been around for awhile now – we came together when he was four months, and …

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