Athenian Riviera


A week ago we spent a bite-sized amount of time in the Athenian rivera. We booked flights to Athens, then came the decision of how to spend these two days in Greece. My first thought was to board a ferry to a nearby island because I didn’t want to again spend the weekend in Athens. …

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Fishing in the Netherlands

Early morning in Leerdam before the storm began brewing

This past weekend, M and I were fishing in the Netherlands. I surprised him with a guided fishing trip for his birthday back in May, and finally the time came to cash in! I found an extensive website of fishing guides located all around the Netherlands – Fishing Guides Holland. I could quickly gather that …

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Boating to Formentera


M and I joined 8 other friends to spend a day on the water at Formentera. I can say with absolution it was the highlight of our long weekend in Ibiza. Formentera is the hippy little sister of Ibiza, where celebrities and socialites have flocked over the years when the going gets too tough in …

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Ibiza facts vs. myths


M and I just returned from Ibiza. He had talked it up a lot, and we therefore decided to join some friends for a few days. After all, I figured there is no reason I would decide to visit this island once the time comes to bring a youngster or two into the world. Or so …

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10 Things I Learned in Sri Lanka


M and I just returned from an amazing honeymoon in Sri Lanka and the Maldives. All aspects of the trip went very well, and considering how varied the places we visited were, I consider it to be very successful! I plan to post another time about the specifics of planning a holiday in Sri Lanka …

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20 hours in Munich


M has had some fantastic work news involving the major car company located in Munich which will mean more frequent trips for him to Munich and happily, I will continue to occasionally join him. Don’t think I’ve said it enough how much I enjoy traveling… If you time it right and get lucky with the …

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